SJB Productions offers Travel DVDs of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, Jordan and Israel, Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands, Egypt and The Red Sea, Austria and Germany, Russia, Tibet, Kangaroo Island, Namibia, Micronesia, Cape of South Africa, African Wildlife Safari in Southern Africa, Bhutan, Turkey, India and Morocco.

They are educational, entertaining, travelogues and give us a wonderful way to learn more about our world.

Sheryl Brakey of SJB Productions has traveled
the world and now you can share the experience
of visiting these places with you. Her DVDs are educational and entertaining. A wonderful way to
learn more about our world and the people in them.

These Titles are available on DVD only.

Selection One

Exploring Vietnam
a DVD of Vietnam gives us a much better understanding of the long history of the Vietnamese people. This travelogue starts in Bangkok, Thailand with two days of sightseeing before flying to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Travel from Hanoi to Ha Long, Danang, Hoi An, Hue, and Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City.
This entertaining and educational DVD is ideal
for home or the classroom. It is appropriate for all ages.

Length is 37 minutes.

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Selection Two

Exploring Thailand and Cambodia, a DVD of Thailand and Cambodia, is a two part video which starts with a visit to Angkor Wat and the small city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is one of the most mystical temples of all time. See how the Cambodian people live today, twenty years after the Khmer Rouge were removed.

Tour the beautiful temples of Thailand from Bangkok to the Golden Triangle. See such memorable sites as the Bridge over the River Kwai, traditional dances, beautiful countryside, different crafts and the Grand Palace.

An educational and entertaining DVD of the land once called Siam.

Length 45 Minutes.

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Selection Three

Exploring Jordan and Israel takes you to the land of the Prophets. It starts in Amman, Jordan and tours the country including the great sites of Petra and Jarash.

Dive in the Red Sea viewing the marine life. A side trip to the Egyptian Sinai allows you to visit St. Catherine's Monastery, the site of the 'Burning Bush.'

Cross into Israel and travel through the Negev Desert to Bethlehem and the Church of the Navtity. In Jerusalem have an rare opportunity to visit the Dome of the Rock. Visit Nazareth and the area around the Sea of Galilee.

Length 42 Minutes.

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Selection Four

Exploring Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands has two parts starting in Quito. Tour Quito, the capital, and surrounding area. Travel the length of the country visiting Otovalo, known for its hand woven textiles, and the colonial city of Cuenca.

In the Galapagos Islands view the birds, reptiles and marine life found only here. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Center and the Land Tortoise. Scuba Diving allows you to see the ocean life.

Length 30 Minutes.

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Selection Five

Exploring Egypt and The Red Sea takes you from Alexandria to Abu Simbal, the length of the Nile River in Egypt. See many great antiquities of the world. Visit Pyramids and Temples. Go with divers to the Red Sea to see the marine life.

Length 34 Minutes

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Selection Six

Exploring Austria and Germany during the beautiful Christmas season is a winter wonderland. After touring around Vienna, take a river boat up the Danube to Nuremberg. Travel overland to Munich, Oberammergau, and Rothenburg.

Length 38 Minutes

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Selection Seven

Exploring Russia by River takes you on a journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow by river. Visit beautiful palaces, churches, and the famous Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg before embarking on a river cruise that takes you down the Volga-Baltic Canal to Moscow. Stop in towns along the way to learn about the culture and history.

In Moscow, visit the Kremlin and Red Square before making a side trip to Helsinki, Finland.

Length 42 Minutes

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Selection Eight

Exploring Tibet gives us a glimpse of a area of the world which has long fascinated us. This educational video is ideal for home or the classroom. It is appropriate for all ages.

Tibet has been known as the mysterious isolated Buddhist kingdom locked away in the Himalaya Mountains, on the roof of the world. Not until the mid 1980s was Tibet open to visitors.

Exploring Tibet starts with the history of the Tibetan people, their early kings and how Buddhism came to Tibet.

Length is 24 minutes.

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Selection Nine

Exploring Australia's Kangaroo Island gives a glimpse of Australia's third largest island both on land and underwater. Learn about the history, geography, and unique animal life of the island including the exotic Leafy Sea Dragon.

Total length is 32 minutes.

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Selection Ten

Exploring Namibia is a country rich in contrasting beauty from a desert with huge desert with huge sand dunes, to a coastline filled with sea life, to woodlands and wetlands waiting to be explored.

Total length is 42 minutes.

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Selection Eleven

Exploring The Cape of South Africa takes us to the very southern tip of Africa and the Cape Peninsula to learn about the history, flowers, animals, penguins, and people of the area.

Total length is 30 minutes.

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Selection Twelve

Exploring The Wildlife of Southern Africa shows us the animals and their behavior found in game preserves in Botswana and Zimbabwe while on Safari. Travel to Victoria Falls.

Total length is 44 minutes.

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Selection Thirteen

Exploring Micronesia gives us an island hopping tour across Micronesia visiting six islands. We look at the history, culture, sea animals, and World War II history of the region.

Total length is 53 minutes.

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Selection Fourteen

Exploring Bhutan takes you to the isolated and mystical kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. It is a Buddhist country of which the outside world knows little.

Total length is 39 minutes.

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Selection Fifteen

Exploring India takes us from Delhi to Varanasi, the heart of India. We visit ancient temples, forts, palaces, the Taj Mahal and a Tiger sanctuary. Also see dancing and crafts.

Total length is 48 minutes.

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Selection Sixteen

Exploring Turkey is an educational trip acorss a country that has seen many civilizations. We visit Hittite ruins, Cappadocia, Istanbul, and many other coastal cities.

Total length is 52 minutes.

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Selection Seventeen

Exploring Morocco is an educational trip fron Imperial Cities to the Sahara Desert. This DVD gives a look at the history, geology, culture, music, crafts, and people of of Morocco.

Total length is 28 minutes.

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