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She has won numerous awards for her videography and editing of sea life. She won first place in both the 2001 International Underwater Malaysia and the 2002 Beneath the Sea Dive and Travel Exposition's Video Competitions for her videography and editing. Both of these winning entries are in the Wonders of the Sea DVD on sale at this site. A third story, "Art of Camouflage," also found in the Wonders of the Sea DVD, won second place in the EPIC competition for photographic excellence. "Pageantry of the Sea," a collage of Wonders of the Sea stories was shown at the 2002 Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine in Antibes, France. In 2003, Acquario Civico in Milano, Italy gave Sheryl a Special Award for her new story, "Once Upon A Time" now in Wonders of the Sea-Part 2. In 2006, she won third place for her short story on the Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons which are found in the DVDs, Exploring Australia's Kangaroo Island and Wonders of the Sea-Part 2.

Brakeys on Camels

With her husband, Bob, Sheryl has traveled to more than 70 countries and seven continents. They spent two years in Chile with the Peace Corps after Bob’s retirement. They have a rich understanding of the culture and history of many peoples and countries. Their travel DVDs are informative and entertaining. There are DVDs on Vietnam,
Thailand and Cambodia , Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands, Jordan and Israel, Austria and Germany, Egypt, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Bali and Komodo, Kangaroo Island, Namibia, Cape of South Africa, Wildlife of Southern Africa, Turkey, Morocco and Russia. More travelogues will be added in the near future.

SjB Productions offers educational and entertaining DVDs on travel, marine life and wildlife. See Travel DVDs ,
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SJB Productions

SjB Productions was formed by Sheryl Brakey after demand for her underwater DVDs went beyond her family and friends.

Sheryl is a certified master scuba diver with over twenty-five years of underwater experience and over 1,200 dives. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Rochester Institute of Technology, giving her the knowledge to identify ocean life and their behaviors.

With years of overseas travel and diving, she has the experience to capture on film the underwater world.

Sheryl wants to share her love of diving and help educate the public on our seas, the ocean life in them and the need to preserve them.

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