"Wonders of the Sea Series-Part 2 "
A DVD collection of Underwater Stories on Ocean Life and Marine Animal Behavior by Sheryl Brakey which educates us on sealife.

The "Wonders of the Sea Series" is collection of eight sealife behavior. Learn about turtles, sharks, manatees, monk seals, jellyfish, frogfish and more.

This entertaining and educational DVD is ideal for home or the classroom. It is appropriate for all ages, but particularly good for elementary and middle school age children.
Length is 55 minutes, but each story stands alone and can be stopped at any point.

School Teachers
find this video sparks interest in the underwater world. It is an excellent supplement to the Ocean Week curriculum on oceanography.

Each story is introduced by "Ricky,"
a young snorkeler. He introduces and comments about creatures in the sea
between each short story.


A little more about the stories in "Wonders of the Sea-Part 2"

Sea Turtles tells us all about the different sea turtles, what they eat, nesting and baby turtles, and how they are endangered.

Manatees gives us an idea how these friendly animals are becoming endangered, about their babies, what they eat and how they migrate.

Big Gulp (Frogfish) describes a very unusal fish
that can camouflage itself and wait for its food. It
has a VERY BIG mouth and quickly captures little

Leafy Sea Dragon

Monk Seals live in Hawaii and are a very endangered species. We learn all about these friendly animals and what is being done to protect them.

Aliens of the Sea (Jellyfish) talks about one of the strangest creatures in the ocean. Without bones, eyes or feet, they are able to move and capture food.

Shark! gives us another story about a number of different sharks and how they are becoming endangered and why we should care.

Once Upon A Time is a cute story between a Grandfather
and his daughter. They talk about a number of different sea life
and their behavior.


Silver Tipped Shark

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Sea Dragons explores the Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons of Kangaroo Island in Australia. Learn all about their left cycle and what endangers them.
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Sheryl Brakey
now available as a guest speaker on african animals and sea life. Plus any countries she has visited.

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Sheryl Brakey
now available as a guest speaker on the underwater world.