"Wonders of the Sea Series"
A DVD collection of Underwater Stories on Ocean Life and Marine Animal Behavior by Sheryl Brakey which give us a picture of the ocean

The "Wonders of the Sea Series" is an award winning collection of eleven 3-5 minute educational sea life stories of marine animal behavior. Learn about sharks, sea lions, manta rays, scuba diving and much more.

This entertaining and educational DVD is ideal for home or the classroom. It is appropriate for all ages, but particularly good for elementary and middle school age children.
Length is 48 minutes, but each story stands alone and can be stopped at any point.

School Teachers find this video sparks interest in the underwater world. It is an excellent supplement to the Ocean Week curriculum on oceanography.

It received an Honorable Mention Award at the 2001 Columbus International Film & Video Festival as a series for children.

Each story is introduced by "Goldie,"
a friendly animated fish. She tells us
about her neighbors in the sea between
each short story.

A little more about "Wonders of the Sea"

Pageantry of the Sea introduces this series giving us the big picture of the
underwater world. We see large ocean life in spectacular pageantry of movement.

Dive gives us an idea what is involved in scuba diving. This story shows several interactions between divers and marine life. We see sting rays, angelfish, and eels looking for a hand out from divers.

Secrets of the Sea won the 2001 International
Underwater Malaysia Video Competition held in
Mabul, Malaysia. It is a story of some of the
small creatures found in the ocean and often
overlooked by divers.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Chameleons of the Sea has received Honorable Mention in several underwater video competitions. This story shows us the marine animal family known as Cephalopods-octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. We see dramatic color changes and why this happens.

Manta Rays of Yap won Fourth Place in the 2000 Los Angeles Underwater Photography Society Competition. The story explains how the graceful manta ray is part of the shark family but a harmless filter feeder. There are excellent close-ups of the manta rays being cleaned by small fish and interaction with divers.

Clowns of the Galapagos talks about the sea lions which
inhabit the area and
their antics in the water. They zoom
pass like a jet fighter doing barrel rolls and loops.

Art of Camouflage won Second Place for Photographic
Excellence in the 2002 Epic competition. It tells a wonderful
story about the many underwater
sea life which use
camouflage to hide from predators or prey. It also addresses
the subject of mimicry, a form of camouflage, with several

Kaleidoscope of Colors won First Place at the 2002
Beneath the Sea
Film Festival in the New York City area.
The story takes a look at the lowly sea slug and the beautiful
family of Nudibranch, an underwater snail without a shell. It
goes into detail on the behavior of this marine animal.

Night Creatures gives us a brief glimpse of the marine life which appear
at night in the underwater world. Using dive lights, we light up the underwater to reveal this sea life.

Shark Encounter asks the question, "Why do sharks bite?" and tries to answer this question. We see a number of different types of sharks and a VERY close encounter during a feeding of some fish.

Baby Sea Lion

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Keeping Fit on the Reef explores the symbiotic relationship between small fish and shrimp, known as cleaners, and the large marine animals they clean. We even see a diver getting his teeth cleaned by a shrimp.
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Sheryl Brakey
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