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"Exploring Russia by River" takes you on a journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow by river.

Visit beautiful palaces, churches, and the famous Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg before embarking on a river cruise that takes you down the Volga-Baltic Canal to Moscow. Stop in towns along the way to learn about the culture and history.

In Moscow, visit the Kremlin and Red Square before making a side trip to Helsinki, Finland to learn about this modern city.

St. Basil in Moscow

"Exploring Russia by River" takes you from St. Petersburg to Moscow by river boat with a side trip to Helsinki. Visit palaces and churches, see the countryside and towns along the River Volga.

An educational and entertaining DVD


In St. Petersburg tour the palaces of Peter The Great, Catherine the Great, Pavlov, and the Yusupovs. Visit the Cathedral of the Savior of the Blood, Smolniy Convent, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Enjoy a Russian Folk Dance Show which portrays a proud people in a fantastic performance.

The river cruise takes you through 17 sets of locks from the River Neva through Lake Ladoga, up the River Svir through Lake Onega and down the Volga-Baltic Canal to the Volga River and the Moscow Canal making many stops along the way.

In Moscow, tour Red Square, the Kremlin and ride the subway.

From Moscow, fly to Helsinki, Finland for a few days of touring this modern city. It is known as the "White City of the North." Visit the Lutheran Cathedral and the Rock Church. Enjoy a harbor cruise of the area and its islands.

Length 42 Minutes.

White House in Moscow
Peter The Great's Summer Palace
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