"Exploring Indonesia's Raja Ampat Islands" explores an underwater frontier in the heart of marine biodiversity.

The Raja Ampat Islands are found off the coast of Papua, Indonesia, in one of the remotest areas of the world for scuba diving.

"Exploring Indonesia's Raja Ampat Islands " is an educational and entertaining DVD exploring sea life in a remote area of the world.
Wobbegone Shark

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Sheryl Brakey
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Learn about the area and its abundant sea life, some of which is only found here. See large schools of fish, the Wobbegone shark, mantis shrimp, and creatures that only come out at night.

Pygmy Sea Horses which were once thought to be rare, are common here and of different varieties. Seen along with the sea horses are pipefish and flagtail pipefish.

Many colorful flat worms, nudibranchs and sea slugs dot the reef. Flashing File Clams are named for their unusual bioluminescence that streaks along the edge of there mantle. They are found here.

Exciting dive sites include "Manta Point" with its Manta Rays and the fast moving "Passage" with its colorful corals and sponges.

The Raja Ampat Islands gives us the opportunity to see an abundance of marine animals seen in few other places in the world. Length 27 minutes.




Flashing File Clam