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"Exploring Namibia" takes us to Southern Africa. It is a country rich in contrasting beauty from a desert with huge sand dunes, to a coastline filled with sea life, to woodlands and wetlands waiting to be explored.

Tour the country and learn about Cape Cross, the Skeleton Coast, the Namib Desert and the Caprivi Strip.

"Exploring Namibia" is an educational and entertaining DVD about Southern Africa's most contrasting country. Learn about the history, geology, land animals and ocean life.
Namib Desert

Visit colonies of Cape Fur Seals and flocks of pelicans. Explore the Namib Desert with one thousand foot sand dunes and desert life.

Travel to the Caprivi Strip to see elephants, hippos, baboons, and birds of all kinds.

Visit a school and traditional village. The children share with us their songs. At the village we see how the people live in the area.

"Exploring Namibia" shows us one of Africa's most compelling and diverse countries. Length 42 Minutes.


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