"Exploring Micronesia" gives us an island hopping tour across Micronesia visiting six islands. We look at the history, culture, sea animals, and World War Two (WW II) history of the region.

We learn about the history of Micronesia and visit the islands in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Republic of Palau and the territory of Guam.

"Exploring Micronesia " is an educational and entertaining DVD exploring six islands across the Central Pacific Ocean
Sunset in Pohnpei
Nan Madol
Airplane Wreck Kosrae

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Chuuk, also known as Truk has a large lagoon which is an underwater museum of Japanese ships sunk during World War II. It is a fascinating place for divers to explore. We observe many of the artifacts still on these sunken ships and the sea life which has grown on them.

The Yap people share their culture, dances and history of their stone money. Underwater, the Manta Rays draw divers from around the world. Learn about these graceful creatures.

The Republic of Palau has a variety of dives, from high currents to exploring large caves. We visit Peleliu, the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of WW II and see some of the remains of this war and its memorials.

In Guam we learn about the Spanish colonial history and visit the memorials from WW II. We dive on two ships wrecks which are laying side by side. One is from World War One and one from WW II.

This DVD shows us the culture, history and marine life of the region. Length 53 minutes.

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Pohnpei, the capital of FSM, has the mystical ruins of Nan Madol. We explore the ruins, a village where they carve wooden animals and dive to see the diversity of sea life found around the island.

Kosrae has the ruins of Lelu, similar to Nan Madol. The people are famous for their choral singing. While diving, we see beautiful coral reefs with turtles, barracudas and eagle rays all in the same dive.




Manta Ray