Our host, Randal, a Red Eye Tree Frog, introduces us to our story.
Whip Snake, frog predator
Snakes are common predators of frogs.

"Exploring Frogs and Toads " looks in depth at what are the similarities and differences of frogs and toads. After all, all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads.

"Exploring Frogs and Toads" is an educational DVD about Frogs and Toads from around the world.
Bumble Bee Dart Frog

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Sheryl Brakey
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Frogs and Toads are an "indicator" species, because they react to environmental conditions. Some of the threats to their survival are reviewed.

The word "amphibian" is defined, along with an explanation of "cold blooded" and "hibernation." We see the life cycle from eggs to tadpoles to frogs.

There is exciting action with predators, such as snakes. Frogs and toads protect themselves with camouflage, jumping, and poisonous secretions.

A synopsis of the different Rain Forest levels, with examples of what animals and plants live there, is revealed along with a variety of tree frogs, dart frogs and their habits.

This DVD is an excellent way to learn about frogs and toads with an overview of the Rain Forest. Length 34 minutes. Available only in DVD.



















Randal, our host