"Exploring Endangered Species of the World " looks in depth at what are endangered species. What causes them? What is done to protect them? And why should we care?

"Exploring Endangered Species of the World" is an educational DVD exploring vulnerable animals and programs to protect them.
Hawaiian Monk Seal

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Sheryl Brakey
now available as a guest speaker on african animals and sea life. Plus any countries she has visited.


We discuss many different animals and birds and the programs to save them. We look specifically at the Florida Manatee, the Hawaiian Monk Seal, the Snow Leopard, the Tiger, the African Elephant, the Rhinoceros, the Okapi, the Land Tortoise, and the Whooping Crane. The Bald Eagle and the American Alligator are discussed as success stories.

There are many laws and organizations, both in the United Sates and Internationally, to protect endangered species. We look at a few of them and the projects set up to protect some of the animals and birds.

Our national and world heritage of animals and plants is an invaluable and irreplaceable resource. We must preserve it now. Length 32 minutes. Available only in DVD.













Land Tortoise