"Dive Adventures" DVD
A Collection of Underwater Stories about Scuba Diving, Dive Destinations, Dive Sites and their Sea Life by Sheryl Brakey

"Dive Adventures" is an award winning collection of thirteen 3-6 minute stories from around the world about Scuba Diving, Dive Destinations, Dive Sites and the Marine Animals found at those sites.

If you just want to know about the culture of different countries and see beautiful ocean life, or are planning a dive trip and want to see new locations--this is the video for you.

It is available on DVD.
Total length is 62 minutes.

Diver in Cave

A little more about "Dive Adventures"

Cozumel, Mexico has a Latin flavor. We dive in a world class area of the Caribbean, enjoying encounters with many kinds of ocean life.

Roatan, Honduras is a laid back relaxing island with lots of ocean life in the waters around it.

Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles gives us a taste of unlimited scuba diving day or night. Lots of sea horses and other small creatures encountered.

Ahoy Grand Cayman shows good identification of different sea life found around the island of Grand Cayman. Visit Sting Ray City and see the Sting Rays up close.

Diver with Sting Rays

Fiji Underwater is colorful, with lots of marine animals including sharks and eagle rays. Many small creatures are depicted. Good examples of the diversity found in the ocean

Enchanting Galapagos Islands demonstrates the uniqueness of the animals found by Charles
Darwin. Sharks, Sea Lions, fish, and a collection of other creatures of both land and sea are seen.

YAP- Land of Stone Money and Manta Rays gives us a good
introduction to the culture which is still preserved on the island.
We see lots of manta rays and visit the reefs around the island.

Palau has beautiful rock islands, exciting currents, abundant
sea life and novelty diving in a cave.

Andaman Sea, off of Thailand, gives us a taste of Southeast Asia.
Getting to the Similan Islands on a live aboard boat gives us a
good idea of the ocean life in the area.

Malaysian Paradise tells about Mabul/Sipadan, two very different islands off of Borneo in Malaysia. Mabul is famous for its small ocean life, while Sipadan has walls and large schools of fish, turtles, and sharks.

Voyage to Komodo on a sailing boat, diving along the way. Visit the Komodo Dragon up close and personal in the wild.

Manta Ray
Gray Tipped Shark

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The Red Sea Another Wonder emphasizes the more remote areas of the Red Sea. The reefs are alive with colorful fish and corals.

San Solomon Springs in West Texas gives us a taste of fresh water diving in a natural springs. Two endangered species of fish live in the waters along with a number of other creatures.

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Sheryl Brakey
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Sheryl Brakey
now available as a guest speaker on sea animals.