"Exploring Bhutan" takes you the isolated and mystical kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. It is a Buddhist country of which the outside world knows little.

Learn about the history of the Bhutanese people, their Buddhist religion and how they live today. There is a demonstration of the making of paper and thangika painting.

"Exploring Bhutan" is an educational and entertaining DVD exploring the Mystical Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon in the Himalayan Mountains
Punakha Dzong

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Bhutan has one foot in the past and one foot in the future, while trying to preserve the art, architecture and culture.

This video show us the culture and history of the country.Length 39 minutes.

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Visit the National Library, the National Museum and the Dzongs of Punakha, Wangdue and Paro. We learn about the dzongs' architecture and history. They were once used as forts and now are administrative and religious centers.

We see some of the wildlife including the unique Takin. The Takin is extremely rare and looks like a cross between a goat and a cow.