"Exploring Bali and Komodo" gives you a glimpse of an exotic part of Indonesia.

Bali has long been considered one of the world's most beautiful and fascinating places.

Touring Bali gives you a look at volcanic mountain peaks, lush rice terraces, Hindu temples and extensive marine life.

A dive voyage to Komodo allows you to see the ocean life in that region along with a close up encounter with the Komodo Dragon.

"Exploring Bali and Komodo" is an educational and entertaining DVD about the culture of Bali, its marine life, the Komodo Dragon, and a dive voyage to the island of Komodo.
Komodo Dragon

In Bali visit many Hindu temples including the Bat Cave Temple full of Fruit Bats, the Mother Temple complex at Besakih, the Elephant Cave at Goa Gajah, the classical Pengumuman Temple, and the Temple at Sebatu with its holy springs.

Tour the Justice Building before enjoying a Barong Dance. This is a traditional dance between good and bad. Ratu Barong is the faithful guardian of the community and Rangda is the demon's mistress of the grave yard.

Because Bali is an island, scuba diving is a popular sport with a number of exciting dive sites around the island. On the northwest coast, where the ferry comes in from Java, you will find Secret Bay. This sandy-muddy bottom is home to a number of small marine creatures and a haven fro photographers. At Tulamben, experience a variety of diving from a wreck to a wall dive just off shore. Other dive sites include Padang Bay, Blue Lagoon and Nusa Penida.

From Bali take a dive voyage on a sailing ship to Komodo to see the Komodo Dragon up close and personal. There is plenty of marine life to see with identification and descriptions along the way.

"Exploring Bali and Komodo" gives us a glimpse of Indonesia with its culture and nature. Length 32 Minutes.

Bat Temple
Ratu Barong

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