"ExploringAquatic Creatures" studies creatures that breath air but live in water. In this DVD, we cover Otters, Sea Snakes, Seals and Sea Lions.

"Exploring Aquatic Creatures " is an educational DVD about creatures that live in water and breath air.

Sea Otter

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Sheryl Brakey
now available as a guest speaker on african animals and sea life. Plus any countries she has visited.


The first story is about the cute and furry Otters both in fresh water and oceans. Of the 13 species, we talk about 6 of them in some detail.

An unexpected creature found in the ocean is the Sea Snake. We go into detail about them and other water snakes found in fresh water.

Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses are in the Pinniped family. This refers to their flippers. This DVD educates us on the differences between Seals and Sea Lions. There is a discussion of many of the 32 species found in the world.

You will expand your knowledge of soe of the most interesting and unusual creatures that live in water and breath air.

Length 47 minutes. Available only in DVD.



















Sea Snake